Saturday, August 25, 2012

Breaking the Ice: My first sale on Etsy!

Oh joy! I've patiently waited, and after three short months: finally a sale on Etsy! I say a short three months, because although I was a bit envious of those Etsians who boasted their first sale within the first week, my rational brain realized that sales might NOT come that easily! Instead, I occupied my time by increasing my vintage inventory (via yard sales and auction houses), making jewelry (in my Willimantic studio) and of course photographing it all with steady fervor. My goal had been to add three items per day. However; although I can aim hi, it is quite another to get me to shoot! As of this post I am amending my aforementioned goal to adding one item per day, with an end result of 7 items per week. If I stay true to this goal, my shop will have a total of 168 items come 2013! My research of successful Etsy shops has claimed a full shop is indeed more sale savvy.

My first sale on Etsy: Vintage Halsam Wooden Checkers

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